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APVC Roof Tiles

ASA 76/18 Sinus Corrugated Roof Sheets

The insulation PVC layer is topped by the layer of ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate). Therefore integrity, insulation and color stability of the sheets are maximized.

ASA 95/40 Big Wave Corrugated Roof Sheets

Thanks to its flexible structure, the 95/40 Big Wave model, which is easily used in all types of roofs, is available to customers with various color options.

ASA 27/200 Trapezoidal Corrugated Roof Sheets

The problems such as rotting, sweating, oxidation and similar problems occurring on the roofs of livestock farms, barns and similar places now come to an end with the this model. The product, which has a very high performance in hot and cold permeability, makes life easier in the living areas of animals and industrial buildings.

ASA 25/210 Trapezoidal Corrugated Roof Sheets

25/210 Trapezoidal Roof Sheet which is known as T-1130 model, highly preferred on the roofs of industrial buildings, factories and warehouse buildings with its anticorrosion feature, protects the roofs for many years thanks to its rich formulation and UV resistance.